Come up with an Idea for a Novel Pre-Packaged Food Item and Construct a Brand Surrounding Your Product from the Ground up
How does Nestle brings out new products every now and then? If you could design any amazing food product, what would it be? And what would you call it?
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Marketing Analyst
Food & Beverage
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Time Commitment
Submit First Draft in 15 days
30 days
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Here’s What You Work On
About the Company
RAW Pressery started out in a small kitchen with a single blender in 2013 and now has made its way to the shelves of nearly all retail stores in the cities of India. They promise and deliver fresh, cold pressed juices with no additives. When a consumer looks at a RAW bottle, they know exactly what they are going to get. The simplicity of the brand has helped them gain the trust of their customers and build a big product line.
the following work techniques
Brand messaging
Competitors design strategy
Brand merchandise
Colour schemes
Bridging the gap
Branding has the power to create a strong personal connection with the consumer. It determines how consumers view the product. Pushing the brand’s message consistently is just as important as building it. RAW Pressery’s brand image and exponential rise would not have been possible without an overarching brand strategy.
the following skills
Design thinking
Expected output
In this menternship you will do exactly what designers at RAW Pressery did. You will come up with an idea for a new pre-packaged food and a complete brand strategy for it. 
the following deliverables
Branding guidelines
Complete brand strategy
What you’ll need before starting
Concept of credit payment systems for wholesale merchants