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Create a live Excel dashboard to manage volunteer data for an NGO
How big NGOs like Teach for India manage its 55k+ volunteers' data?
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Teach for India an education-focussed NGO that trains mid-career professionals to be social impact leaders via a two-year fellowship program. Professionals who have completed training in the Teach For India (TFI) fellowship are now serving more than 33 million children in the country. More than 77% of TFI fellows continue to serve in the social sector.

TFI is attempting to repair India’s educational crisis through Innovation Cell programmes that equip teachers, students and entrepreneurs to spark long term change in education. Through social and print media- TFI has garnered the support of thousands of people from a wide range of sectors, all of whom are invested in the vision of an excellent education for all children.
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Advanced Analytics
MS Excel (Pivot and VLookup)
Dashboard building
Bridging the gap
NGOs like Teach for India depend on volunteers to drive a lot of their ground and strategy work. Volunteers can join an NGO to simply support a campaign for social good like cleanliness drive, or they can join an NGO for a longer duration to contribute to more strategic roles via their professional skills. For example, professionals like accountants and data scientists frequently volunteer at NGOs to help them improve their accounting and data management systems. Similarly, designers, teachers, writers etc can all contribute to an NGO’s work. For a big NGO like TFI, it is important to keep track of the various volunteers who have worked with it or have expressed interest in contributing to its work. The challenge is to maintain this database in a manner that is automated and efficient. The database should integrate well with methods of data collection about volunteer information and it should serve the purpose of teams who need to access this data regularly.
the following skills
Data Analysis
Data preparation
Hypothesis testing
Expected output
Use advanced MS Excel functions to create an automated database for volunteer management at an NGO
the following deliverables
A workflow for data entry and management for volunteer activity
An automated excel dashboard for tracking and managing volunteer activity in an NGO
What you’ll need before starting
Basics of database management and MS Excel