Marketing Strategy
Create a Marketing Campaign for an Upcoming Food E-Commerce App
Want to build the next Zomato? Start here - by building extraordinary proof of work with a marketing agency that is trying to launch a new food e-commece app.
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Marketing Manager
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Submit First Draft in 15 days
30 days
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About the Company
3DM believes that the world is getting digital and so should your brand. A creative Digital Marketing startup based out of Hyderabad, they are providing brands the digital life they need. They have around 100 happy clients from across all domains. 3DM knows that one size does not fit all and designs custom solutions for each client.
the following work techniques
Market research
Food e-commerce industry
Content creation
Bridging the gap
Marketing strategy boosts the brand image by increasing its awareness amongst potential customers. Any business that delivers a service or product requires a solid marketing strategy to ensure that more people come to know of the brand. It helps interact with the customers at a personal level and gain their trust. Marketing is what shapes how the customers think of and perceive the brand.
the following skills
Customer research
Marketing insights
Marketing strategy
Expected output
A professional marketing campaign for a food e-commerce application.
the following deliverables
An elevator pitch
A professional marketing campaign
What you’ll need before starting
Python, Sentiment Analysis