Digital Marketing
Create a Social Media Campaign and Generate Story-Driven Content
Do you know how meaningful blogs can help an NGO raise millions to support its cause? Try this menternship to find out how.
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Alumni Engagement Manager, Teach For India
Content Manager
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Time Commitment
Submit First Draft in 15 days
30 days
Tools you’ll learn
Here’s What You Work On
About the Company
Teach for India believes that education is the solution to most problems that plague society today. However, it is not enough to bring kids to school. It is important to provide quality education to them once they are there. Teach for India aims to bridge the gaping educational inequity in India by hiring young people to serve as teachers in the most marginalised urban schools in India. Through Teach for India’s Fellowship, Fellows step into government or low budget private schools and don the hats of a teacher and mentor.
the following work techniques
Story-driven social media content
Social media themes
Instagram aesthetic
Personal interviews
Theme-based design
Bridging the gap
Storytelling is one of the most effectives ways to connect with and get your point across to people. Even on social media, the pages that have story driven content have almost cult-like following. Humans of New York introduced this form of social media content to the world in 2010 and there has been no turning back. There are numerous instagram pages in India like Humans of Bombay, PARI network and Seema Anand Storytelling that are thriving on the art of storytelling.
the following skills
Champion the customer
Digital integration
Marketing strategy
Expected output
In this menternship, you will create a social marketing strategy complete with research, along with an instagram aesthetic & video documentary.
the following deliverables
Social Marketing strategy
Video Documentary
Instagram Aesthetic
What you’ll need before starting
Basics of Production Processes