Event Management
Create an Event Management Plan for a Fundraiser for a Non-Profit Organisation
Crowdfunding an NGO requires two things - a great network and greater credibility. How can you bring both to this fundraiser? Show us what you've got, event manager!
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Nikita Garg
Head of Operations, The Show
Event Manager
Event Management
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Submit First Draft in 15 days
30 days
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About the Company
Pulling off an event that is perfect from the beginning to the end is not an easy task. It takes a specialised set of skills to organise and conduct a successful event. The Show, a Hyderabad based event consulting agency, does exactly that. They enhance events for clients now by curating meaningful experiences for them. With them next to you, rest assured that not a single thing will be out of place in your event.
the following work techniques
Mood boards
Bridging the gap
Planning and execution of an event can be a stressful and daunting experience, so why not let the experts handle it? Event Management is a niche industry with very specific skills to weave a delightful experience for the clients. From corporations, weddings and gatherings small and big, event management is much sought after.
the following skills
Event planning
Vendor management
Expected output
In this menternship, you will develop an event management plan, from the resources required to the budget allocations.
the following deliverables
Needs assessment report for the event
An event plan with all the required resources
What you’ll need before starting
Python, LSTM