Social Development
Design a Behaviour Change Intervention for a School
Play the role of a School Counsellor and create a behaviour change intervention to improve the school environment
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Behaviour change
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Bridging the gap
Childhood and adolescence are not easy! The rapid physical and emotional growth brings in its own set of challenges. Adding exam stress, anxiety and the confusion of teenage years, it can be difficult! However, with proper understanding and the right support, these changes can be tackled head-on! Children and adolescents need to be given safe spaces where they can talk about their issues. This is exactly what a school psychologist would do! With increasing focus on mental health and the holistic development of a child, the role of school psychologists is fast gaining importance.
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Strategic planning
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In this menternship, you will create a behaviour change intervention in a school to improve the school environment.
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Problem statement
Behaviour change intervention plan
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