Design a Logo and a Full Page Ad for a Clean Energy Drink
So you know how to design, but can you design for the front page? We'll find out when you complete this menternship
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Graphic Designer
No. of Subscribers
Time Commitment
30 days
Tools you’ll learn
Here’s What You Work On
About the Company
The First Show is a marketing agency that defines itself as 'irrationally digital'. They are a digital marketing agency that does not like to play by the rules. 'Build beyond convention' and 'Bring eccentric and yet effective ideas to life' are their design mottos. Some of their work has included social awareness campaigns like The Silent Heroes, which paid tribute to the people who work to keep our community clean, well-fed and safe, and a campaign about early child nutrition for the big pharma company Dr Reddy's.
the following work techniques
Brand research for health food/beverage segment
Canva/Illustrator/Corel Draw (graphic design tool)
Graphic design techniques for logo design
Bridging the gap
We have all seen advertisements for energy drink brands that promise to 'give us wings'. But did you know these wings come at a steep cost to your heart? Most energy brands on the market are spiked with concentrated doses of caffeine and sugar. Caffeine makes your blood pressure and heart rate go up, and sugar makes you gain weight, increasing the chances of getting diabetes! Yikes. Presenting the concept of a brand new clean energy drink - we are calling it 'Refresh'. This drink will be made of Yerba mate - a herbal tea popular in the Americas and Europe Spanish-speaking countries. It is a lesser-known brand in India. Your challenge will be to create a memorable brand identity for Refresh.
the following skills
Visual Design
Expected output
In this menternship, you will design a logo and creatives per client specification to give their clean energy drink a unique brand identity.
the following deliverables
A new logo for a clean energy drink
All other associated creatives for brand identity
What you’ll need before starting
Looks like you don’t need anything to start this Internship, so go ahead and enroll yourself now!