Business Development
Design a Series of CrossFit Workout Regimes of Varying Levels of Difficulty
Woah, a menternship that requires you not just real work, but a real workout? Is this your dream come true? If yes, you are the fitness coach who can ace this menternship!
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Fitness Coach
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Crossfit is a branded fitness regimen that involves high-intensity workouts targeted at various muscles. What started as a workout regimen has now grown into a global community of more than 5 million athletes and 14,000 locations across the planet. X60 is the first fitness studio in Hyderabad that has brought this global phenomenon to the city. With focus on workout, nutrition and recovery, they are on a mission to make being healthy the norm!
the following work techniques
Crossfit training
Customer requirements
Fitness levels
Bridging the gap
As the awareness of health, fitness, and nutrition is increasing, so is the demand for professional fitness and wellness trainers. The foremost requirement of a trainer goes without saying- they need to be in top form and perform advanced workouts. Furthermore, they should be able to design workouts for varying proficiency levels and guide all the participants through their journeys. If aiding people to become healthier, guiding them through their wellness journeys and coaching them to push their fitness levels is your passion, you are at the right place!
the following skills
Qualitative research
Workout planning
Expected output
In this menternship, you are required to curate workout routines for different client requirements.
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Needs assessment report
Workout routine
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Looks like you don’t need anything to start this Internship, so go ahead and enroll yourself now!