Computer Science
Design and Develop the Complete UI/UX of a Website for a Blockchain Based Company
How would a user best navigate the website of a blockchain based company?
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Software Engineer UI
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Time Commitment
60 days
Tools you’ll learn
Here’s What You Work On
About the Company
Nexivo Consulting is helping many enterprises and small businesses to automate existing business processes using Zoho solutions in numerous verticals. It makes the integration across platforms a hassle-free, productive process. Companies have more time to invest on innovation and scaling with the effective tools in place. Nexivo has happy clients from widely different industries.
the following work techniques
Blockchain Industry
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD
Bridging the gap
Blockchain is one of the emerging technologies of the 21st century. It is revolutionizing the financial industry. The decentralized and unhackable storage of data that blockchain offers has significantly cut down asset transfer cost and time. Many organizations and small businesses are moving to blockchain as a trusted mode of record keeping. The implications of Blockchain are staggering not only in the financial sector but in any company that involves a supply chain.
the following skills
Basics of UI/UX
User research
Expected output
In this menternship you will come up with a blockchain use case. You will further develop a User Interface for the same.
the following deliverables
Source code for user interface
Documentation of the development process
What you’ll need before starting
Wireframes and basics of UX