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Develop a Strategy to Combat Organizational Resistance towards Building a Gender Diverse and Inclusive Workplace
Diversity, Inclusion, Equality (DIE) - What does this even mean for a workplace? How can a workplace truly create a culture of DIE?
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CIE at IIIT Hyderabad is a Technology Business Incubator that has been recognised by the Government of India. It started with a vision to commercialize the cutting-edge technologies developed in research centers. It has now evolved into a powerhouse of deep-tech innovation in the country. T-Hub, the largest incubator in the country, was seeded inside CIE! CIE’s Expertise and knowledge have been the building blocks of more than 80 startups that have been incubated here.
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Diversity and Inclusion
Organisational resistance to change
Primary research
Bridging the gap
A study by McKinsey shows that companies that have a gender-diverse leadership team outperform other companies in profitability. Another by Harvard Business Review shows that teams with gender diversity have higher productivity. While the context changes, the message is- gender diversity is good for businesses! However, implementing such diversity is not always easy. It might bring out subconscious biases and cause friction in the organisation. As companies are looking to diversify their workforce, the onus falls on HR professionals to make this transition smooth.
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Global and Cultural Effectiveness (HR)
Report Writing
Expected output
By the end of this menternship, you will create strategies to deal with organisational resistance to a gender diverse workplace.
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Best practice report on change management
Strategies to tackle problems that might crop up due to organisational resistance to change
What you’ll need before starting
Understand the need for diversity, equality, inclusion at workplace