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Develop a Strategy to Motivate Virtual Employees at Supertails
WFH: How to keep remote employees motivated and happy? 
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Human Resource Manager (Generalist)
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Submit First Draft in 15 days
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About the Company
If you ever had a pet you would know how rewarding and challenging it can be to raise one. At Supertails, they understand the anxiety that pet parents experience. It is a one stop solution for all your pet needs. An online platform run by and for pet lovers, Supertails strongly believes that pets are a source of pure joy and strive to enhance the experience by assisting pet parents in every way possible. From online vet bookings to pet accessories, they deliver a combination of products and services to help you take care of your pet better.
the following work techniques
Theories of motivation - Maslow’s and Herzberg’s
Research on the company
Bridging the gap
Companies around the world are investing in creating a virtual workspace. As the pandemic forced all workplaces to go remote, virtual employees have become the new normal. Hiring virtual employees has multiple advantages. The company can save up on the cost of providing office space and scaling up becomes much easier when location is not a constraint. No dress code, reduced commute times and having the flexibility to work during their most productive hours keeps the employees happy and satisfied. However, virtual workspaces come with their own set of challenges.
the following skills
Employee and Labor Relations
Global and Cultural Effectiveness (HR)
Expected output
In this menternship, you will develop a plan for Supertails to keep their virtual employees motivated and deliver high on their productivity.
the following deliverables
Employee engagement - need assessment report
A strategy for motivation of remote employees
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