Business Analytics
Identify attributes of the top-contenders for Orange Cap in IPL
What does it take to don the Orange Cap?
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Business Analyst
Sports Management
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Submit First Draft in 30 Days
60 days
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About the Company
Sports Authority of India was set up in 1984 to carry forward the legacy of the 9th Asian games held in New Delhi in 1982. It strives to achieve the twin objectives of promoting sports and achieving sports excellence at national and international levels. The organisation works relentlessly to identify young talent and provide necessary training to elite athletes!

the following work techniques
Data Visualization
Bridging the gap
If you watch IPL you know it goes far beyond the matches! There are endless conversations and analysations of matches, teams and players! Clearly, data plays a huge role in the sports industry. Sports analytics is using data related to a sport to either predict performances or outcomes of a tournament. This is primarily done either for sports teams involved in the tournament directly or for betting firms. Sports is a world saturated with statistics and sports analysts are taking it up a notch!

the following skills
Analytical Skills
Insight Generation
Expected output
Through this menternship, you will create a report on the top attributes of top contenders for Orange cap in IPL.

the following deliverables
A report on the top attributes of top contenders for Orange cap in IPL.
Correlate the findings with actual results.
What you’ll need before starting
Basic Python/R Knowledge