Research and Exploration in the Field of Addiction
Addiction is neurophysiological disorder that cripples the lives of millions of Indians in urban and rural areas. If you want to help people overcome this illness, start out by understanding it better as a pyschology researcher
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Did you know that addiction is caused by a dysfunction of the brain and the central nervous system and not just bad behaviour? Too often addiction is touted as a voluntary behaviour and not identified as a disease. Hope Trust is one of the leading institutions in India that treats addictions and other mental health issues with a clinical approach. With gender-sensitive treatment and cross-cultural approaches, Hope Trust is a humane rehabilitation centre. Over their two decades of experience, they have seen a consistently high recovery rate. This has been possible through the compassionate and determined staff at Hope Trust who are passionate about helping people get a second chance at life.
the following work techniques
Clinical reports
Medical case studies
Bridging the gap
Nearly 44% of reported drug addicts in India are trying to give up drugs, but only a fourth of them received treatment. Even when treatment is provided, addiction is a very long and difficult process for a person to go through. Having the right kind of support is a deal-breaker for rehabilitation. As awareness on addiction treatment is increasing, there are more organisations that are coming up in India, focused on treating addiction through clinical and lifestyle interventions.
the following skills
Qualitative research
Report Writing
Expected output
In this menternship, you will work with a leading rehabilitation centre to create a clinical case report for addiction.
the following deliverables
Research report on best practices of counselling
A clinical case report for given client profiles
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Basics of fundamental and technical analysis in finance