Food and Nutrition
Study the Food Habits of a Population Segment and Provide Suggestions Towards a More Balanced Dietary Lifestyle
In the world of food and nutrition - one size does not fit all, and the same portion does not belong on all plates! Design a diet that helps your clients meet their fitness goals.
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Food and Nutrition Specialist
Food & Beverage
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Time Commitment
Submit First Draft in 15 days
30 days
Tools you’ll learn
Here’s What You Work On
About the Company
Xtraliving is a no-frills fitness group and training establishment. They do not spend resources on promoting themselves through marketing campaigns - they rely on word-of-mouth and their research-backed training programs to reach their target audience. They have worked with many corporate partners including Radio Mirchi, Microsoft and Facebook on fitness programs. They have even partnered with Bharat Scout and Guides to promote health and nutrition awareness among adolescents.
the following work techniques
Nutrition and fitness
Dietary charts
Nutrition requirements and goals
Bridging the gap
We all live with varying definitions of fitness, but we all have the same health goals. All of us want to wake up energetic, have a lot of stamina throughout the day and have an immune system strong enough to keep everyday viruses and bacteria at bay! In this menternship, you will be challenged to look past the fad and work with nutrition and fitness science to create a balanced diet for individuals that aligns with their unique needs and goals.
the following skills
Meal planning
Nutritional science
Expected output
In this menternship, you will create a diet and fitness plan for individuals to meet their health goals.
the following deliverables
Research or needs assessment report
Nutrition plans to help customers meet their health goals
What you’ll need before starting
Looks like you don’t need anything to start this Internship, so go ahead and enroll yourself now!